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One of India's Largest ALM Deployments

This was a wholesale replacement of legacy ALM tools (Digite, TestPro, others) in favor of the Atlassian Stack. The ALM Solution needed to manage 20+ releases per month, and accommodate several distributed teams.

Solution Components: Jira Software, Confluence, Bitbucket, Crowd, Tempo Suite, Xray, ScriptRunner, Jenkins

Company Type: Telecommunication

Location: Chennai

Employees: 1000+

User Base: 250

User Groups: PPM, PMO, Development, Testing/QA, CMT

License Type: On-Premise

Service: ALM Deployment + On-Going Support

DNFCS dedicated resources: Three


The company followed ALM flow that involved BAs initially creating requirement documents (BRDs), sharing them with R&D PMO, which then created Feature Requirement Requests (FRRs) in line with their release cycle.

One BRD may have multiple FRRs. These FRRs go to the PPM queue & split into multiple features to be part of the monthly or bi-monthly release. The PPM team conducts workshops with all stakeholders that include Development, Testing and Quality. They brainstorm to arrive at consensus on tasks and effort required.

The PPM, after signify, gets the effort and features for the release approved from customers before moving it into the Dev queue. The Dev team works on features and the moved them into the Testing queue.

Once QA certifies the tested feature, it moves to their deployment queue where the features are tested again in real-time before being deployed to customer servers.


One legacy tool was set up to manage the ALM cycle. A separate one was set up for Test Management (Digite/TestPro). Digite did not provide tracking for future releases and did not integrate with any other applications. This forced the PMO team to use Excel for tracking. Also, inconsistent accesses for people delayed releases. Tool owners had the best view, but it was not enough. TestPro had similar issues. It was fully owned by the Testing team and had no integrations, or ways to increase visibility for people outside the team. Both the Testing and PMO teams had to publish statuses manually in Excel, which burned precious bandwidth.


DSNFC implemented an Atlassian On-Premise solution with the aforementioned tools, creating a unified platform for communication, process and collaboration. It allowed them to innovate and grow, letting stakeholders track issues, follow a common process, and have access to common documentation.

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